Our DIY Starlink Tripod Stand + Adapter (Gen 3)

Learn about our custom 3D-printed Gen 3 Starlink tripod adapter and stand which we use to get our Starlink off the ground for protection and better signal. Learn about the process of design, manufacturing, and field testing rugged overlanding gear.

Our DIY Starlink Tripod Stand + Adapter (Gen 3)
Our Gen 3 Starlink Tripod Adapter in the Utah desert

Perhaps you've previously read about our DIY Starlink Tripod Stand + Adapter for the Gen 2 Starlink. Well it's been a few years and of course there's a new Gen 3 Starlink "Standard". At first we weren't sure if it was worth upgrading, but after considering all the pros and cons, we're now Gen 3 Starlink users and advocates. And of course we needed a new Tripod Adapter for the Gen 3.

A quick demo of setting up the new Gen 3 Starlink Tripod Adapter

The Problem

While the standard Starlink kickstand that comes with the newest Gen 3 Starlink is a quick and easy way to get started, we personally feel that putting the Starlink on the ground with the standard kickstand seems like a recipe for disaster for a few reasons:

  • There are frequently kids and dogs running around our campsite, not to mention me, who are all fairly likely to accidentally step on the Starlink or roll over it with a bike or vehicle.
  • The ground often doesn't have a clear unobstructed view of the sky which is needed for a strong uninterrupted connection. Moving our Starlink a few feet off the ground often helps common obstructions like bushes, boulder, trees and vehicles.
  • The the ground is often uneven resulting is a less than ideal angle of view of the sky which is also needed for a strong uninterrupted connection.
  • The ground is also often wet, dusty, muddy, rocky, etc which don't help to keep our Starlink clean and in good condition. While the Gen 3 Starlink is IP67 rated and can get wet and dusty, I don't necessarily want to have to clean off a wet muddy Starlink.

For these reasons (and because we like to make things) we set to work designing, manufacturing, and field testing a new Gen 3 Starlink Tripod Adapter.


When designing the new tripod adapter, we had a few design objectives based on our experiencing with our Gen 2 Starlink Tripod Adapter and having used the Gen 3 Starlink with the kickstand a few times:

  • Continuing to mount the Starlink on a tripod with or without a quick release plate for all of the advantages of a tripod - adjustable height, adjustable angle, a quick release plate, folds up for storage, and stability.
  • Quick installation and removal of the tripod adapter, especially when installing or removing the Starlink power / data cable.
  • Fitting within the profile and existing dimensions of the Starlink since one of the most important factors that caused us to upgrade is having a smaller satellite dish to store (without the long awkward non-removable pole of the Gen 2).
  • Lasting for a long time, with enough ruggedness and durability for frequent usage in remote outdoor environments including intense sun, wind, rain, etc.

Manufacturing + Field Testing

We started designing the Gen 3 Starlink Tripod Adapter in early 2024, going through multiple designs and field tests to make a product that we're proud to use ourselves and to share with you. We followed our normal agile iterative process, using measurements to create an initial 3D model, then 3D printing a series of test prints to refine the measurements. After getting the basic shape and tolerances dialed in, we moved on to testing various ways of adding mounting hardware for a tripod thread.

Figuring out the basic shape and measurements

After trying a few hardware options, we decided to use a threaded heat insert which is heated and fused into the 3D print for a strong bond. While the Gen 2 tripod adapter uses a series of coupling nuts, washers, and bolts, using a similar approach on the Gen 3 tripod adapter resulted in a bulky part that was hard to print and that exceeded the profile and existing dimensions of the Starlink, violating one of our design goals. We also continued to use PETG filament, which has good heat and weather resistance while being fairly easy to print. PETG also has some flexibility, helpful given the need for the tripod adapter to flex into the mounting channel in the back of the Starlink and clip into place.

Since the threaded heat insert is a new form of mounting hardware, we stress tested with through a series of torque testing, pull out testing, and my favorite "abusing it with a big sledge hammer" testing. All of the tests passed and we moved on to field testing, subjecting the tripod adapter to sun, dirt, wind, and hot and cold temperatures on multiple overlanding trips. After gaining confidence and a few small iterations, we shared the prototype with a few trusted friends and then anyone who was willing to be an "early field tester". We're grateful to the many fellow adventures who helped, sharing their feedback and suggestions.


Field testing in the desert

Meeting fellow adventurers, learning about their stories and getting their input is one of my favorite things about making and sharing. And thankfully we've gotten some great support and feedback so far:

"The adapter works great on my tripod. I really like that I can keep my Starlink Gen 3 dish off the ground. Easy set-up and take down."

"It works great and Adam was very responsive to questions."

"Works as described. Great quality. Quick shipping."

Since launching in mid March 2024, the Gen 3 Starlink Tripod Adapter has been selling as fast as we can make them. One thing we learned is that people want them in different colors, so the tripod adapter is available in white, black, or orange. We look forward to continuing to add field testers, learning from our users and seeing all of the awesome places and adventures enabled by this piece of gear.


Gen 3 Tripod Adapters in white, black, and orange

You can order a Gen 3 Starlink Tripod Adapter in our store. And check out our related Starlink posts to learn more about how to choose a tripod, store your Starlink, and other tips for traveling and adventuring with your Starlink.

See you out there,


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