Expo West 2024 Recommendations & Resources

Expo West 2024 Recommendations & Resources

It was great meeting you at Overland Expo 2024! This page contains additional recommendations and resources to enhance your overaland adventures.

Field inspired and tested gear to enhance your comfort and safety while overlanding. Shop at https://banthaoverland.etsy.com?coupon=25OFFEXPO2024 using code 25OFFEXPO2024 at checkout for 25% off your order of $30 or more.

"3D Print Custom Overland Gear" Talk Resources


3D Printers + Filament

  • Bambu Lab self calibrating high speed 3D printers with support for multiple color printing & good documentation and community support
  • Prusa one of the original and most beloved makers of 3D printers, with a variety of printer types and sizes & good documentation and community support


Modeling Software

Slicing Software


"Find Awesome Dispersed Campsite" Talk Resources



  • OnX Offroad public and private land ownership, topo and satellite imagery, savings POIs and routes, offline maps, sharing maps
  • Google Maps or Earth often the highest resolution satellite imagery for when additional detail is needed


Trail Descriptions (Difficulty, Descriptions, Photos)