Baby cow, why do you just keep running? Sticker

Oh, those baby cows. Why do they just keep running and running and running down the road?

Baby cow, why do you just keep running? Sticker

It always happens the same way. There are cows ahead on the road so I slow down. Most of the cows look up from whatever they’re eating. They look at us with a mildly interested gaze as if to say "What, you want me to move?". As we move closer, most cows start to slowly mosey off the road. A few cows will just stand there chewing and staring, perhaps enjoying an especially choice patch of grass on the roadside. Those cows too eventually begrudgingly move as we get close. But the baby cows do not follow this pattern. Oh no. The baby cows are a completely different situation.

Like adult cows, baby cows also look up. But they don’t stare with a disinterested "don’t make me move" stare. Oh no, they stare with a "what are you and what the heck is going on and what should I do" stare. Admittedly we’re probably in one of the first vehicles they’ve ever seen and are still learning how to be a cow. And so the baby cows stare and freeze. And as we drive closer they continue to stare and continue to freeze. And then as we get really close they start running. They run straight down the road maybe twenty or thirty feet. And then stop and stare. And then we slowly drive closer. And then the baby cows run down the road again. Eventually one by one the baby cows seem to figure it out and get off the road. But it can take a while. And so August's Storied Sticker is “Baby Cow, Why Do You Just Keep Running?” in honor of all those baby cows running and running and running down the road.

See you out there,